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United Tile in Everett, WA

I’m working on a remodel project in Bellingham with a great guy who has been a long-term client. He is lovingly remodeling a shingle style craftsman on South Hill.  This is a labor of love. He is doing a lot of the work himself, so it is taking awhile.

Now he wants to finish the master bath. Wonderful! This bath is on the third floor of the house in a gable and has a soaring 15’ high wall in the shower! There is a large cherry wood vanity which dominates the room and a new double cherry medicine cabinet that he built himself. There is also a large soaking tub with views to Bellingham Bay.

So what to do with the finishes in this space? He didn’t have much of a direction for me to start with but as I began to select materials for him, it became increasingly clear to me that he really wanted natural stone. Natural stone is unique— there is really nothing like stone for beauty, durability and sophistication.

So last Saturday we jumped into his truck and headed to Seattle in search of the most gorgeous natural stone we could find. Most of the marble and granite showrooms have Saturday hours—usually 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM—but you would want to double check the hours for yourself. I had done some pre-shopping so I knew exactly where I wanted to take him.

We started at United Tile in Everett because I had heard that they were introducing a new limestone collection. This is a really nice showroom with a quality product, good lighting and lots to look at. The staff is great and so helpful! I was in search of a warm brown natural stone floor tile to ground the room and compliment the cherry wood vanity. As soon as my client viewed the new Teakwood limestone, he fell madly in love with it.

Next we headed South on I-5, past Seattle, to the Seattle Design District which is clustered around 6th Ave. South in Georgetown. This is where you will find the bulk of the granite and marble showrooms in Seattle. It was noon by now so we decided to head to Macrina’s Bakery & Cafe in SODO. They feature a brunch menu on the weekend. We both ordered the omelet of the day which was luscious; adding a latte made it sublime. We were now ready for the marble and granite showrooms!

We started at Oregon Tile and Marble. They have a wonderful showroom featuring slabs with coordinating stone tile which is desirable because we had decided that we wanted to use Crema Marfil, a beautiful warm honey tan marble, as tile in the shower and a slab of the same material on the vanity. While their slab selection is somewhat limited in quantity, the material is high quality.

Oregon Tile & Marble Seattle

Oregon Tile & Marble Seattle, WA

Next we headed to Pental Granite and Marble. With a recent expansion, they have the largest selection of natural stone by far and their display of the stone allows for the best viewing anywhere. There were multiple slabs of Crema Marfil from different blocks to select from and we reserved one, but this slab wasn’t long enough to use on the 9’-3” vanity without a seam.

As it was approaching closing time, we headed to Meta Marble and Granite. They are a reliable and consistent supplier and they have a good selection, although viewing the slabs here is difficult because they are tightly packed together. Nevertheless, the staff is really helpful so when we found a slab that we liked (which is long enough to use in one piece) they hoisted it up with a forklift and set it off to the side so that we could inspect it. It was a beautiful, large slab in warm honey tones that would be perfect for the vanity! My client knew that he had found the stone that he had been looking for. We put a hold on it and gave them the name of the local fabricator that he plans to work with. This fabricator will supply him with a quote for the stone, the fabrication and installation.  What a fulfilling, satisfying and successful day!

I would also like to mention that Ambiente European Tile Design and Statements Tile and Stone are other suppliers that I visited looking for potential natural stone tiles. They had great selections which could have been easily been chosen. Do you have favorite suppliers that you would like to recommend?

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  1. Dennis Mateski says:

    What a helpful and freshly presented article on stone, not only where, but what to look for. I especially appreciated the location of the “re-fueling” stop. Sounds like a great place to eat and refresh for the task ahead!

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