Austin-Murphy Interior Architectural Design & Home Remodeling, Bellingham & Seattle, WAWelcome! This is my very first blog post so this is going to be a learning and growing experience for me. Hopefully we can learn, grow and have some fun together through the sharing of ideas, discoveries and insights.

What I want to do in this blog is explore the many aspects of house and home. As you are probably already aware, I am focused on architectural remodels and the interior design of homes and commercial space in my work. So this blog will naturally discuss interesting aspects of projects that I am working on or a design problem that I am focused on for a particular client. Also, I intend to discuss certain products or sources for these products that I come across in my work and design journeys.

The more elusive and perhaps more interesting aspect of this blog [for me, anyway] is the exploration of that eternal question, ‘what is home’? Certainly, as an architect and professional interior designer, I know that we all have different ideas about what is home. And, in my work I strive to dig down deep and discover what represents home for each of my clients which is one reason why my projects look and feel different from the next.

I find it endlessly fascinating to explore all aspects of house and home—especially those aspects which have the deepest meaning and significance for us individually and collectively. How can we evoke this or that through the architectural design of a room or in the furnishing of a home or interior space? What exactly is it that suggests or infuses a room with a sense of comfort, familiarity, surprise or delight?

Sometimes we are very conscious of what we are doing when we are designing or furnishing a place and, sometimes we are not at all. Sometimes it just works and sometimes it just doesn’t. What is it about those places which are truly successful in creating a certain ‘sense of place’? Why is it that some homes have the power to inspire, comfort, nurture and even haunt us – years or even decades later?

What does it take to create this kind of magical, memorable place? And what does it take to keep it fresh, alive and current?  This is what I would love to explore with you in this blog.

Many thanks and happy adventure,

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