Connella Residence

‘A colorful custom kitchen for a Northwest log home’

Project statement:

A Northwest log home gets a major makeover. The new kitchen is totally re-imagined as the central gathering spot of this home with enlarged openings to the great room and home office/studio.  A comprehensive new lighting plan framed with non-structural rafters enhances the ceiling plane which adds a visual counterpoint to the over scaled log beams and wood ceiling.  New locally produced custom wood kitchen cabinets and a central cooking island were designed to coordinate with the log structure and walls. A colorful palette of paint colors and materials was specifically developed at the Owner’s request who just loves vibrant color.

Connella Master Bath & Powder Room Remodel
‘A rejuvenating personal bathing environment’

Project statement:

Reconfigure two existing three-fixture bathrooms and re-proportion the space into a new powder room and an expanded new master bath with a toilet compartment, a Japanese soaking tub, an open-to-the-room shower, and a custom designed wood and bamboo vanity.  Create a relaxed, meditative space in the master bathroom that melds with the log interior of the home but which evokes the soothing Zen qualities of the Japanese bath.  Use natural materials like stone pebbles, porcelain tiles and soothing paint colors to evoke the beauty and rhythms of the natural world.  Within this design celebrate the healing and nurturing elements of water, fire, earth and air.