Before & After

Lake Washington Villa - Living Room w/ Fireplace

The living room fireplace is ‘monumental’ but without distinction. The room’s furnishings while functional are generic, randomly placed and seemly unrelated to one another. The combination of limed oak floor and neutral carpeting adds little material or color interest while adversely destroying the flow of the architectural space.

Lake Washington Villa - Family Room

The family room like the other rooms is anonymous. There is little to capture the eye and delight it. The combination of limed oak floor and neutral carpeting adds very little material or color interest.

Lake Washington Villa - Kitchen

The old kitchen is functional and well planned. It lacks, however, the visual interest which diverse materials, finishes, and handsome furnishings can contribute to the aesthetic pleasure of a well designed home interior.

Connella Residence - Kitchen

The generic oak cabinets intermingle visually with the fir log walls. The white tile floor is the only finish that offers any relief from the over saturation of the wood surfaces.

Connella Residence - Looking to the Great Room

The built-in buffet and pantry are practical and functional but severely restrict the spatial potential of the room. The quirky mushroom shaped opening to the great room unnecessarily bottle necks the visual connection between rooms.

Brown Residence - Media Wall

Oak stereo cabinets from a former home house the equipment and store the video library.

Brown Residence - Dining Room

The old dining room as viewed with furniture from a previous house. The applied wainscot molding while of good intent is not successful here, nor does it harmonize with the Northwest style of the rest of the house.

Klein Residence - Living Room North Wall

In the 1920’s design, the living room is an inward-looking room lacking relationship and connection to its immediate surroundings and the views beyond.

Klein Residence - Living Room East Wall

The glass door panels were an attempt in the previous remodel to bring in more light and to open the living room to the exterior. Unfortunately, this ‘solution’ destroyed the inherent charm and scale of the room.