Exterior Paint Consultation—Special Pricing for the Month of May


In honor of May Day and the ‘promise of Spring’, I am offering special pricing for the month of May on our expert color assistance in selecting an exterior [or interior] paint color palette for your home or office. Inspired by the lush beauty of nature bursting from the earth, I would like to create a harmonious and striking color combination that will please you every time you turn into your drive.


Paint colors have the power to relax, inspire and connect us to our home and community. I will work with you to explore the perfect combination for you and your home. Selecting paint can be a difficult and daunting task. Working with a professional can transform that into a fun, collaborative and satisfying adventure.


Contact me and we can talk specifically about your project. Once I see your home, I will be happy to quote you a special price during the month of May. Why wait, when you can embark on a colorful new life right at home?


Rob Austin-Murphy

Austin-Murphy Design

Bellingham/ Seattle, WA




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