About us . . .

Austin-Murphy Design is a full-service home remodel design and interior design studio based in Bellingham, Washington, servicing metropolitan Seattle, Whatcom County, North Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands.


Our specialty is outstanding residential remodels and fine interior design for existing homes and new construction—focusing on whole house remodels, custom kitchens, baths, and master suites. We are interior design experts in selecting and coordinating building materials, interior finishes, paint colors, architectural details, custom kitchen and bathroom cabinets, fabrics, window coverings, lighting, accessories and fine art. We are pleased to offer in-home consultations on all aspects of building and interior design.

Our goal is to work with you in a fun, creative and collaborative process to achieve your building and interior design goals. We have the professional education, skills and years of practical experience to assist you in creating a home that perfectly satisfies your desires.

Our passion and commitment is to design a home that reflects who you are and how you want to live. We will work closely with you to create a home that will nurture you and be as pleasurable to live in as it is beautiful to look at!  Your home will be comfortable and warm, inviting and deeply satisfying.

Our service is warmly personal, focused and strictly hands on. Our designs are unsurpassed in their impeccable style, quality and attention to detail. Over the years, our work has been featured in many national, regional and local publications. Our greatest reward, however, is your complete satisfaction.

Biography. . .

Rob Austin-Murphy, founder and director of design at Austin-Murphy Design, holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in art and history from Bowdoin College and a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Colorado. Rob was licensed as an architect by the State of Colorado in 1986 and remained an active architect for over twenty-five years.

As a graduate student in architecture he was employed by Larimer Square Associates where he had the enviable task of designing unique specialty stores and restaurants in the landmark 19th century historic buildings of Larimer Square. Several of these projects have endured becoming much loved public gathering places.  Upon graduating, he was hired by Gensler and Associates, the global architecture and interior design firm to work on the Denver Children’s Museum and the first condominium hotel for the Beaver Creek ski resort.

In 1982, he and Barbara Soehngen opened their architectural design office, the Austin-Murphy Partnership in Denver. During this period their work involved core and shell commercial remodels on the East side of Denver for an innovative local developer, specialty restaurant and retail design, as well as high-end residential remodels in Vail and Aspen.

Relocating to the Pacific Northwest in 1992, Rob opened Austin-Murphy Design with a focus on fine interior design and residential remodel design in Seattle and the Puget Sound region.  It was during this period that he became accomplished in fine interior design as he collaborated with outstanding local artists and craftsman, cabinet makers and fine metalworkers to create his richly layered and elegant Pacific Northwest style of the 1990’s.

In 1998 he moved to a vintage country property in Bellingham where he lives and works and pursues his passion for interior design and residential remodel design.  With a growing awareness and interest in sustainable and green design, Austin-Murphy Design launched its sister business, Natural Home Design, in 2008.

Our Partners and Collaborators

We are extremely grateful to be able to collaborate with an extensive list of creative partners on our projects—architects, building designers, engineers, custom builders, metal workers, decorative painters, glass artists, and numerous other artists and artisans to achieve each project’s full potential. This artistic and technical collaboration is not only greatly rewarding but it allows us to effectively and efficiently achieve each project’s design objectives and goals.

Sustainability and Green Design

We are always pleased to recommend recycled, sustainable and green options for materials, finishes, and furnishings to our clients. While the initial cost of some items may be more expensive, it is our experience that the health benefits and the personal satisfaction that one derives from choosing things that are sustainable, healthy and of lasting value soon outweighs the initial investment. We are committed to working with you and your budget by offering the most affordable and eco-friendly recommendations for your home or project.